The Big Oak Autumn to Spring Movie

The Small Oak Autumn to Spring Movie

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This site shows how an oak changes as it loses its leaves and then they grow again. There are two movies. One shows the big 600 year old oak, the other a younger oak perhaps 60 years old. Both movies look better at full screen size, or you can watch them both at once though sadly they are not the same length. (I hope I'll fix that soon!) I hope you like it. You can also see the sequence as photographic stills. There's a bit of explanation under some of them and links to a blog I kept while I worked on the project. There are also some paintings, a list of links and bibliography and a bit about about the facts of the big oak. This site is the result of a season of daily photos taken in 2007 to 2008 by me, Nick Mellersh. There is also an exhibition of the prints available. Email me about it, addreess below.
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